Wednesday, August 26, 2020

ALDI Produce Deals: Grapes, Papaya, Blueberries & More

ALDI has some fantastic produce deals this week, and we will surely be stocking up on fruit. These are the fruit deals at our local ALDI store in North East Florida.

ALDI's Weekly Produce Deal

Red Grapes $0.99/lb

Mandarins 3 lbs for $2.99

Papaya $0.85/lb

Plums or nectarines $0.99/lb

Blueberries $1.99 per pint

Multi-colored peppers $2.99 per 3 pack

The prices above are valid starting 8/26 - 9/1.






While we love all of the produce deals above, one deal we're expecially thrilled about is the low price of papaya. We use papaya in our weekly fruit smoothies, and while we have dozens of papaya trees growing around our home, we have yet to spot any papayas.

To make papaya trees grow, simply plant the seeds after you eat a papaya. They especially like growing in good homemade compost. Papapa trees prefer warmer climates, and they grow huge, so you can't keep them indoors. We plant lots of seeds from the produce we buy, and this means we have lots of fruit trees growing, tomato plants and more. You can read more about frugal gardening and growing from seeds at our blog



While there may be minor price differences from one store to another or from one area of the country to another, the produce deals are usually quite comparable across the country.

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