Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aldi Spotlight: Indoor Plants Only $2.99

One of our new features here at The Aldi Spot is the Aldi Spotlight. Each week we will feature the Aldi Spotlight in three categories - The Green Deal, The Weekly Buy and The Best Food Deal.

We are going to start of with The Aldi Spotlight Green Deal of the week, which is indoor plants, because this week starting 8/5, ALDI will be selling 4" foliage plants in most of their stores.

While we would love to get our hands on some of these pretty greenies, I suspect they will be all out, when our shopping day come around. Still, we have several indoor plants from ALDI, and most of them are still alive years later, although some of them have been transplanted outside.

Indoor plants help clean the air inside, and while we have lots of plants inside, we can always find room for more. So, fingers crossed that our fellow ALDI lovers, will leave a couple of plants for us.

You can find lots more green tips at Dancing Treetops - our blog where we share tips on how to save green and live green.

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