Friday, March 30, 2012

ALDI Diapers Shopping Trip - Saved $14

I knew there wasn't room in the budget for a trip to ALDI this week, but I chose to go anyway. After the harsh realization that we were out of diapers, I just could not pass ALDI's sales price of $4.99 for a jumbo pack of Aldi Diapers. I managed to stick it through all week, because we turned it into toilet training week. Luckily it is going really well, and my two-year-old son now only uses diapers at night, and whenever we are out and about.

Of course going to ALDI meant picking up some great ALDI deals, which sent me way over my budget for the week. At least I now have my pantry fully stocked, and I do not need to pay any high prices for a while.

I love the Artisan lettuce, which makes a great salad together with my homegrown cherry tomatoes, and I love the price of the colored peppers too.

I could have price matched the chicken with a different local store to get the price lower at Walmart, but in the end I chose to buy meat at ALDI because of the quality.

My ALDI Diaper Trip:
Diapers $4.99
4 lb red potatoes $0.89
Artisan lettuce $1.19
2 xMulti colored peppers 2 packs @ $1.29
Mushrooms $1.19
2 x Hamburger Buns @ $0.25
2 x Whole Wheat Bread @ $0.25
Chicken thighs $3.34
Chicken Breasts $4.12
Fresh Chicken Tenders $2.74
Top Sirloin Steak $7.09 - $2 ALDI coupon on package - $5.09

Tax $0.50
Total out of pocket $27.13
Total saved $14 
(Savings compared to the lowest prices at my regular grocery stores. Check out the grocery price lists for details)

Do you buy ALDI diapers?


  1. I understand how it goes when you get low on diapers. I realized I was down to my last pack and previewed a few sales flyers and saw no good deals in the upcoming week. Thankfully, the Walgreens Friends and Family Event was today so I got 2 packs for $8. I don't like to spend more than that on generics. Walgreens diapers are pretty good, but I'll use my Pampers for bedtime. I've never tried Aldis diapers because there isn't one in my area. I wish there was because you've posted some great deals on staples.

  2. You sure lucked out on the Walgreens diapers. The last time I went to Walgreens was for a great diaper sale too...that's about the only thing that will pull me in there, as I am not a fan of their customer service.

  3. wow our peppers are still 1.79
    got 1.00 of on chicken tenders and mangos were .49 cents.
    Our oranges went up 10 cents to 1.79. but they had some sweet onions for 1.29. munster cheese slices were 1.99 for 8oz. and roast beef slices for 2.99 for 8oz