Friday, March 23, 2012

Aldi Grocery Savings - Share Your Shopping Trip

After an Aldi break last week due to spring break, my produce drawer and the fruit bowl was looking very empty, and an Aldi visit was necessary. I was able to do some price matching at Walmart to get a low price on lettuce and cabbage, but I saved the rest of the produce budget for Aldi.

My Aldi Grocery Savings Trip

1 gallon skim milk $2.89
Fresh Chicken Tenders $2.24
Fresh Chicken Tenders $2.27
Chicken Thighs $3.19
3 lb onions $0.99
2 x Strawberries @ $0.99 each
Green Peppers 2 pk $1.29
2 lbs green grapes $1.78
2.10 lbs Bananas $0.92
Canned corn $0.59
Canned black beans $0.55
Instant Oatmeal 41.49

Total out of pocket $21.28
Total saved $11 (Compared to the lowest prices at my regular grocery stores)

What was your best buy at Aldi this week? 
Come share your grocery savings trip here at the Savings Linky.


  1. I'm hoping we have the strawberries for $.99...that's a great deal!

    1. Candi, this was the first time this year that the strawberries really had some taste to them.

  2. I found green sprinkles marked down to $0.19! Our strawberries are $1.19 right now but I'm so glad they are coming back in season!

    1. Amanda what a great prize. I did not spot any clearance goodies this week:(