Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aldi Birthday Cake Shopping - I Saved $10 (Savings Linky)

On Wednesday I went Aldi shopping for ingredients for my son's birthday cake. This has been a very busy week (which is why I am behind with posting too), because my middle son is turning five this week, which means party planning, school celebration and more. I have the feeling that there will be more guest as my middle son's party than at my oldest son's birthday party, because this time I have actually gotten several RSVPs, whereas there was none last time. This means we are in need of a bigger cake, and I have decided to make it myself this time around to put a very special touch on it.  Today I made a white pirate cake with lemon zest, but I came to the conclusion that my favorite chocolate cake will be a better choice for the big party birthday cake. 

Aldi shopping:
All purpose flour $1.69
Aldi sugar $2.63
1 gallon skim milk $2.89
2 x Aldi Vanilla Icing @ $1.29
1 x Aldi Chocolate Icing @ $1.29 
2 x Haribo gummi bears @ $0.89 
2 lb lemons $1.29
Havarti cheese $2.99
5lb Idaho potatoes $1.29
Broccoli $0.99
Wild caught salmon $3.99
Carne Picada $3.93
Chicken thighs $3.72
Tax $0.27
Total out of pocket $32.22
Total saved $10


  1. I am so bummed, everytime I buy flour at the store at Oakland & 441, the bag contains weevils ... just tossed another one today (I put my flour into a big ice cream tub immediately when I get home for this reason, so I know its from the store) ... drats as they have a good price on flour, but I'm giving up for now! :(

    1. I hope you brought it back to get money back. I have not had this happen...thankfully! I surely need a bigger fridge though, because all my baking goods find their way to the fridge.