Sunday, November 29, 2020

Shopping Tip - Look Out For ALDI Meat Coupons

Yesterday, we did our weekly grocery shopping and spotted lots of ALDI meat coupons at our local ALDI store, so we wanted to remind all of you to always keep an eye out for these great little red ALDI coupon stickers. Some people call these discount stickers, but since we love coupon, and let's face it ALDI coupons are rare - so we call them ALDI coupons.

aldi meat with coupon stickers

While we have found no larger-scheme schedule for the use of ALDI meat coupons...and the ALDI coupon stickers throughout the store, we have noticed certain similarities. 

Our ALDI Coupon Tips:

  1. ALWAYS Look for ALDI coupons
  2. ALWAYS look for ALDI Meat coupons
  3. If there are 2 x $1 ALDI coupons on a product, it means it is $2 off'
  4. The ALDI coupon stickers are added to a product, when it is close to its expiration date and there is a surplus at the store.
  5. We often find ALDI coupons before and after a holiday.
  6. We often find ALDI coupons before a storm
  7. Get a good thermal cooler bag to keep your meat fresh on the way home.   
  8. Buy a big freezer, so that you can take advantage of the ALDI meat coupons, and it will save you lots of money in the long run.

ALDI meat discounts

Until a few years ago - when we were still a family of six, we had been able to get buy with just the small freezer in our refrigerator. Don't get me wrong, it was aggravating, because while we have two vegetarians in the family, our meat budget was through the roof - despite shopping at ALDI. 



ALDI meat discount sticker



Two years after getting our tall freezer, one thing I can say for sure is that we have paid off the freezer in ALDI meat coupons and Target meat coupons deals.

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