Thursday, November 26, 2020

Our 10 Best ALDI Shopping Tips

For our family of seven, shopping at ALDI is a necessity. ALDI is why we can stick to our grocery budget despite having five kids, including two teenage boys and a tween boy, and our weekly shopping trips is how we are able to spread our teacher's budget to include everything we need and still have a little money left over for savings. Over the past decade or so, we have become ALDI fans and proficient shoppers, and we always encourage our friends, family and neighbors to shop at ALDI. That's why we've put together a list of our 10 best ALDI shopping tips, so that you too can become an expert ALDI shopper.

Our 10 Best ALDI Shopping Tips:

  1. Bring Your Own Bags
  2. Always Check Your Receipt
  3. Put Your Heaviest Items Up First
  4. Get To Know Your Cashiers
  5. Get The ALDI Thermal Cooler Bags
  6. Write Your Grocery List According To The Floor Plan
  7. Shop The Weekly Ad Buys On Wednesdays 
  8. Always Look for $ off coupons on meat
  9. Shop ALDI Clearance
  10. Get Cash Back For Your ALDI Receipts



Bring Your Own Bags:

At ALDI, you pay for plastic grocery bags, so save your money and the environment by bringing your own bags. If you forget your bags, scan the store for the rack with free boxes, or see if you can find one somewhere in the aisles. Don't forget to recycle!


Always Check Your Receipt:

Because ALDI's cashiers work so fast, it is quite easy to overlook a double scan or an ALDI coupon or price increase not ringing up properly. So, before you leave the store, check your receipts and save yourself money and frustration.

Put Your Heaviest Items Up First:

To save your fragile groceries from being squished, when the cashier throws carefully places your groceries in the cart, always put your heaviest groceries up on the conveyor belt first.

Get To Know Your Cashiers:

Point number three takes us directly to point number four, which is the importance of getting to know your cashiers at ALDI. Even more importantly, know which cashiers throw your items in the cart vs. those who carefully places your groceries into the cart. This can save your apples, peaches and prunes from spoiling prematurely, your bread to hold up better etc.


Get The ALDI Thermal Cooler Bags:

When you see one of these special ALDI thermal cooler bags in the weekly ad, or if you happen upon one at your local store, make sure to pick one up. They hold up for years, are far superior in quality than other store cooler bags, and they will save the longevity of your fridge and freezer groceries. You can read our ALDI cooler bag review for more info.

Write Your Grocery List According To The Store Floor Plan:

Knowing your grocery stores layout and taking it into consideration, when you write up your grocery list can be a huge time saver. It also keeps you on track, so that you are less tempted to pick up any impulse buys.


Shop The Weekly Ad Buys On Wednesdays:

If you want something from the weekly ad get there on Wednesdays, when the new ad starts as there is a limited supply, and ALDI is likely to run out before too long.

Look For Coupons on Meat:

Oh, do I love to spot some of those red dollar offs coupons in the meat department. It is one of the reasons, why we decided to purchase a large freezer, because it saves us a lot of money to buy meat on sale.

Shop ALDI Clearance:

Always look for clearance throughout the store. At ALDI you can look out for ALDI clearance stickers, such as the red dollar off ALDI coupons, which they also might put on other products. However, sometimes clearance can be spotted through handwritten signs and simple price changes, so keep your eyes open. 


Get Cash Back for your ALDI Receipts:

In an effort to stretch our dollar to the max, we always scan our receipts, once we get home. You can find a list of our favorite receipt scan apps on our sister site Dancing Treetops. 




What's your best ALDI shopping tips?

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