Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Earn Gift Cards With Your ALDI Receipts

We've been scanning our ALDI receipts for years to get money back, and while it might not seem like you get much, it really does add up. Since ALDI does not carry many national brands, and let's face it, when they do, the cost is often too high, especially next to comparable ALDI brand products. 

Yet, the cash back reward apps are not lost for ALDI shoppers. 



Receipt Scanning Apps that Pays For ALDI Receipts:



Receipt Hog: 

Receipt Hog is our favorite receipt scan app, and it is so easy to use. We've been using this app for years, and we love it. All you need to do is scan your receipts, when you get home from the store. Some receipts gets automatic points, while others get slot spins. As an extra bonus, you will sometimes get surveys about items you buy, and these surveys give a lot of points.

Sign up for Receipt Hog

Receipt Pal:

Receipt Pal is another receipt scanning app, which is similar to Receipt Hog, but it does not earn as fast  or have as many earning opportunities. It is still a good way to earn for something you do anyway, and we have been paid several times. 

Sign up for Receipt Pal here.




Ibotta is another one of those apps, which originally encouraged us to switch to smartphones. It is a receipt scanning app, which pays you, if you purchase items they feature.  However, the brands they feature are name brands, so you have to go to the ANY ITEM category. You might get 10 cents for scanning your milk, your bagels, diapers or something, and while it's not much you get back on ALDI receipts, it all adds up. So far we have earned more than $500 in cash back through Ibotta... that's a whole lot of $25 gift cards.

Sign up for Ibotta here. Please use our referral code vpxjjw at registration.


Fetch is another receipt scanning app, and while it mostly pay for certain name brand items, it also gives you 25 points per receipt, no matter whether you have any qualifying products or not. This site also have many different redemption offers including Amazon, and the gift cards are sent instantly.

Sign up for Fetch here and use the code E2EXF to get a 2000 sign up bonus = $2



We've been members of Checkout 51 for seven years, and while we haven't earned a whole lot, we still get a check every year or so. The app is easy and simple to use, it just does not have as many offers available as some of the other receipt-scanning apps. As with the other receipt scanning apps, most of the offers are about national brands, but once in a while you get an any item such as produce etc, and on your birthday you can usually get money back for buying sweets, cakes etc.

Sign up for Checkout51 here.



The main way to earn points at Checkpoints, is to scan products in the store, opening up store tabs, when you are inside or in close proximity to the store. Another great feature is that you get points for opening up a store's offers. At checkpoints, you can also earn points from scanning your grocery receipts including ALDI receipts. What we love about checkpoints is that the amazon gift cards arrive instantly.

Checkpoints tip #1: If there's a yellow star by the name of the store, open up the store's offers, even if you are not inside of the store. You may get points, if you are just in close proximity to the store. As an example I can be inside Publix, and get points for opening up the Walmart offers, even though it's about a mile away.

Checkpoints sign up bonus - use our bonus code jrfrugalmom




For more tips on how to earn gift cards online and earning gift cards with mobile apps check out our family's blog Dancing Treetops.










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