Thursday, December 3, 2020

An ALDI Shopper's Best Friend = The Freezer

Fellow ALDI Shoppers, we want to share a tip - Buy A Freezer!



Why am I trying to sell you a freezer?

I know, at first glance it seems odd, but don't get me wrong, a good - and large - freezer is an ALDI shopper's best friend.

Why you may ask?

Let me tell you why...

Until a few years ago - when we were still a family of six, we had been able to get by with just the small freezer in our refrigerator. Don't get me wrong, it was aggravating, because while we have two vegetarians in the family, our meat budget was through the roof - despite shopping at ALDI. 

There were so many times, where we had to limit the amount of meat we could buy, despite the amazing deals we sometimes found at ALDI. Still, we simply didn't have the room. At first we lived in a small apartment in the city, while saving up for our own home. When we finally did get our first home, getting a freezer to fit our budget was overwhelming, and there were other things that had priority. 

ALDI Meat coupons

A few years after buying our first home, we finally relented, gave in - no wait, it was more of a hallelujah experience - when we decided to buy a tall freezer for our kitchen. We looked around and found an Insignia freezer, which fit our kitchen and our budget, and what a blessing it's been.  

Sure, here in Florida, we always expect to get a power outages in the fall during hurricane season, but so far the Insignia freezer has held up. Just remember to fill it to the brim with water bottles before the storm, and do not open it during your power outrage to keep your freezer from warming up too fast and to keep your food from spoiling.

Two years later, one thing I can say for sure is that we have paid off the freezer in ALDI meat coupons and Target meat coupons deals. And now that we are a family of seven - and yes our fourth son is yet another carnivore - our freezer keeps on saving us money.


ALDI chicken


At first we were hesitant about going with the Insignia brand, but we had certain measurements we needed to fit the new freezer into, and yes we were on a teacher's budget, so many of the big name brands were just out of our budget. Our biggest tip on getting an affordable freezer is to shop around and read the reviews before you buy.

The Insignia freezer has been such a blessing. It runs smoothly, barely adds anything to our electricity budget, and we have had no issues with it. 

We bought our Insignia freezer online at Best Buy, picked it up in our mini van to save on shipping, and of course we got cash back too. 


Our favorite places to get cash back on online purchases:

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Upright Freezer vs. Chest Freezer

Now, if you are wondering about whether to get an upright freezer or a chest freezer, let me tell you why we went with an upright freezer. I grew up with both, which is why we settled on an upright freezer without much thought.

  1. The Upright freezer is more organized
  2. The Upright freezer is more accessible
  3. The Upright freezer saves space
  4. The Upright freezer saves food, because it is easier not to loose things at the bottom, which will then expire on you.


If you've ever had to dig through a chest freezer to look for something at the bottom, I'm sure you don't have to be convinced. If you do end up buying a chest freezer, and let's face it, you might get more for your dollar if you go with a chest freezer, just make sure to get one with lots of baskets to keep it organized.


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