Monday, December 21, 2020

The Best ALDI Holiday Foods

ALDI has a lot of holiday foods, which you cannot get anywhere else, and there are some European holiday food in there that are quite unique. Of course ALDI also has some great-tasting holiday treats, and our kids sure love a good ALDI Christmas party.



The Best ALDI Holiday Foods:

ALDI Cream Puffs

ALDI  cream puffs are always in season, but they make a special treat at the holiday dessert buffet. These are also a much better price with more in each container than you can get at other grocery stores, so get more for your buck and spread the deliciousness.

ALDI Cheese Cake Samplers

The cheese cake samplers at ALDI also makes for a great addition for the holiday buffet.

The Duck

One year ALDI ran out of ducks, which meant that we had to buy our Christmas duck at a cost of about $10 more. So, if you're serving duck for the holidays, make sure to pick it up at ALDI.

ALDI Brownies

AT 85 cents, you can never go wrong with a batch or two of ALDI brownies for your holiday party.

ALDI Candy

Do we need to mention the great-tasting ALDI chocolate. Whether you are simply cutting up the ALDI chocolate bars (a family favorite), or you choose some of the holiday chocolates you are in for a treat. 

ALDI Hazelnut Spread

The Berryhill hazelnut spread goes very well for holiday treats, whether you are making chocolate swirl cookies, crepes or other goodies. 

ALDI Cheese

ALDI has a large variety of fancy cheeses including our favorites: Havarti cheese, goat cheese and the gouda cheese, and these come at a fraction of the cost at other grocery stores but with the same high quality.  

ALDI Crackers

ALDI has a number of different crackers, which are great for appetizers. Whether you choose whole wheat, vegetable or the specialty crackers, they make any holiday event look high end.

You can check out the list of our 20 Favorite ALDI products here.

What's your favorite ALDI holiday treats?

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