Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crofton Reusable Straws To Go Only $2.99!

 We are excited about our favorite ALDI deal this week, because although it is quite well hidden in this week's ALDI deal, it is an environmentally friendly deal that we cannot pass on. ALDI reusable go...does it get much better than this? Oh, we sure don't think so.

We already use some of ALDI's silicone straws at home, but this to go variety is just what we need to keep in the purse, the backpack and in the car, so that we never have to use a disposable plastic straw again.

If you have yet to switch to reusable straws, please head over to our family's sister site Dancing Treetops, where we share the benefits of using reusable straws as well as the dangers of using plastic straws.

So, keep an eye out for our favorite deal of the week, when you head to ALDI. And if you can't find it, make sure to ask a store associate.

Crofton Reusable Straws To Go 

These ALDI resuable straws to go only cost $2.99! 

(This deal starts 12/30/2020)

What a deal!


We sure hope to pick up a couple of these, and they make great gifts too.

Do you prefer plastic, silicone, or stainless steel straws?

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