Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aldi Grocery Shopping - Finally! Link Up at the Aldi Savings Linky

I have not been to Aldi since June 28! After more two weeks without Aldi, I seriously needed to pick up some Aldi staples. I managed to grab a great deal on eggs with free bread at Target, which made us last a couple of extra days, and I also made a quick stop at a local produce store, but even my kids were missing the Aldi grocery shopping trip. Although my boys have their lactose free milk, I ran out of my cheap Aldi milk several days ago, and I am missing my morning cereal.

I knew it was going to be a very expensive Aldi shopping trip, and it definitely was. I wanted to make sure that we could last another two weeks, since it is just too much hassle grocery shopping with three boys.

I threw in a couple of goodies for the boys, and tonight we will be trying Aldi's pizza for the first time. 

My Aldi Grocery Shopping:
Seedless Watermelon $3.69
4 lbs Oranges $2.29
2.53 lbs of bananas $1.11
Cucumber $0.49
Iceburg Lettuce $1.19
2 x Peaches @ $0.29
8 x Plums @ $0.29
Blueberries $1.39
4 x Aldi Orange Juice @ $1.89 each
3 x Aldi flour @ $1.78 each
2 x Instant Oatmeal @ $1.39 each 
Flour tortillas $0.99
Hot dog buns $0.79
Wheat rolls $1.69
1 gallon skim Aldi milk $2.39
Strawberry Jam 32 oz $2.19
Aldi Sugar Cones $0.99
Aldi Fruit Punch $0.99
16" Deli Pizza $5.99

Total out of pocket $46.92
Total saved  $21 
(Compared to Publix and Target where I normally shop)

Check out the Aldi price list for a comparison to other grocery stores.

I would love to hear about your shopping trip.

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  1. Oh I love their pizzas! Now I want one! LOL Did you like it?