Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Aldi Ad: Special Buys - July 27th (July 24thFor Some)

The new Aldi Special Buys ad has lots of great stuff including a panini press, a food dehydrator and more.

Did you see anything good in the Aldi special buys list?

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CROSS COUNTRY SALE- Special Buys Starts July 27th - (July 24th For Some)
Aldi Special Buys

Fit & Active Multigrain Waffles $1.29 

Fit & Active Stuffed Sandwiches $1.89

Fit & Active Grilled Chicken Bites $6.79

Fit & Active Breakfast Sandwiches $3.99

Grandessa Signature Summer Fruit Bars $1.99

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones $3.29

Fit & Active 51% Whole Grain Penne or Rotini $0.99

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones $3.29

Fit & Active Instant Brown Rice $1.35

Fit & Active Light or Fat Free Dressings $1.29

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal $2.99

Sweet Additions No-Calorie Sweetener $3.99

Clancy’s Sweet Potato Chips $1.99

Fit & Active Vitality Cereal Bars $1.89

Fit & Active Rice Snacks $1.99

Fit & Active Drizzled Mini Crisps $1.99

Fit & Active 90 Calorie Low Fat Chewy Granola Bars $1.59

Fit & Active Fat Free Pudding Cups $0.89

Fit & Active No Sugar Added Fruit Snacks $1.99

Millville Get Balance Chewy Granola Bars $1.99

Millville Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars $1.89

Savoritz Reduced Fat Snack Crackers $1.79

Fit & Active Cracker Crisps $1.39

Fit & Active Milk Chocolate Weight Loss Shakes $4.49

Fit & Active Light Cranberry Juice $1.89

Fit & Active Light Drink Mix 
Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Juice Smoothie $2.89

Fit & Active Flavored Beverages $1.69

Fit & Active Brown & Serve Turkey Sausage Links $0.89

Rose Canadian Bacon $2.49

Lunch Mate Lunchmeat Tub Refills $2.29

L’oven Fresh  Sandwich Thins $1.99

Fit & Active 100% Liquid Egg Whites $1.89

Aloe Vera Plant $3.99

Special Buys - Non groceries:
Crofton Food Dehydrator $19.99

Crofton 3-Tier Food Steamer $19.99
Crofton Large Health Grill & Panini Maker $24.99
Kitchen Living 11" Grill Pan $12.99

Kitchen Living Flexible Cutting Boards $2.99 per set

Kitchen Living 3-Piece Santoku Knife Set $9.99 per set

New Aldi Products

Brand New Items, Brand New Savings.
Loven Fresh Kaiser Buns 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE

Loven Fresh Kaiser Buns Wheat 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE - TASTE GREAT!

All Natural 85/15 Ground Beef Patties 3 lbs $7.99

Reggano Farfalle or Tri-Color Rotini 12 oz $0.89 GOOD PRICE

Fit & Active Turkey Franks $1.29 GOOD PRICE

Little Salad Bar Mustard Potato Salad 32 oz $2.49

Belmong Fat Free Sherbet (Raspberry, orange or lime) 48 oz $1.99 GOOD PRICE

Nature's Nectar All-Natural Lemonade in carafe 59 oz $1.89 GOOD PRICE

Pur Aqua Purified Water 24 x 10 oz $2.49

happy Harvest 3 Bean Salad $0.79

Burman's Barbecue Sauce $0.89

Tuscan Garden Marinade $0.99

Sea Queen Alaskan Salmon Burgers $3.99

Roseland Baby BackPork Ribs $3.49

Baker's Corner Marshmallows $0.99

Little Salad Bar Coleslaw, macaroni or Potato Salad $2.49

Berryhill Ice Cream Topping $1.99 

Infuse Thirst Qeunchers 8 x 20 oz $3.99

Brenner Iced Tea or Nature's Nectar Fruit Punch 64 oz $0.95 GOOD PRICE

Freeze N' Squeeze Freezer Bars Bag 36 x 3 oz bars $2.39

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