Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aldi Price Increases

Wow, after a two-week Aldi break, I was greeted by lots of Aldi price increases yesterday, and I was sad to see that some of my favorite Aldi products had increased significantly, since Aldi first came to South Florida in December. Milk, apple juice, potatoes, salmon ... you name it, and the product has likely seen a big price increase since December 2010.

Product Previous Price Current Price Price Change Competitor's Best Price
Sugar $2.68 $2.86 Plus $0.18 $2.54 Target
Grape Jelly $1.49 $1.59 Plus $0.10 $1.67 Walmart
White Bread $0.89 $0.99 Plus $0.10 $1 Walmart
Corn Flakes $1.29 $1.39 Plus $0.10 $1.69 Walmart
Honey Nut "Cheerios" $1.50 $1.59 Plus $0.09 $2.29 Winn Dixie
Milk 1 gallon $2.19 $2.39 Plus $0.20 $2.98 Walmart
Sour Cream $0.99 $1.19 Plus $0.20 $1.34 Walmart
Shredded Cheese 12 oz $2.79 $2.99 Plus $0.20 $2.54 Target
Strawberries $1.39 $1.99 Plus $0.60
Cantaloupe $1.29 $1.99 Plus $0.70
Potatoes 10 lbs $3.79 $4.39 Plus $0.60 $4.47 Walmart

Hass Avocado
$1.09 $1.29 Plus $0.20
Salmon frozen  $3.99 $4.49 Plus $0.50
Frozen fries and puffs $1.79 $1.89 Plus $0.10 $1.99 Publix
Frozen Corn $0.65 $0.79 Plus $0.20 $1.17 Target
Salad Dressing $1.19 $1.29 Plus $0.10 $1.67 Target
Whole Wheat Spagetti  $0.89 $0.99 Plus $0.10 $1.12 Target
Cooking Spray  $1.19 $1.29 Plus $0.10 $1.58 Target
Tuna  $0.99 $1.09 Plua $0.10 $0.97 Target

While the above price increases might not seem like much they all add up. In fact, if you were to include all of the above products on your grocery list you would pay $4.47 more now than you would have a couple of weeks ago.

I am sure there are many price increases that I have missed, but I think the above will give you an idea of how you can expect even more Aldi price increases in the near future.

Did any of your favorite Aldi product see a price increase lately?

I am working on updating the full Aldi price list, so make sure to stop by later and check out the grocery price comparison list to see how Aldi's prices compare to its competitors.


  1. Some of our prices have gone up, but I'm happy to report that in Upstate NY, milk at least is still under $2/gallon ($1.95). I'm hoping it stays that way; if it changes, it might not be worth it to shop at Aldi anymore!

  2. That's awesome that the milk is still below $2 Sarah, I too hope it stays that way for you.

  3. sorry to say milk here at aldi is 2,89 and wallmart is just under 3.00 central ny