Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Aldi Ad: Special Buys - August 3rd (July 31st for some)

The new Aldi Special Buys ad has lots of great stuff including a clothes drying rack, which I intend to get my hands on. Other great Aldi products include a 3 tier laundry cart, a two bushel laundry basket, an over-the-door towel rack and a tabletop ironing board. If you have kids going off to college, these are all items that will be used again and again.

Did you see anything good in the Aldi special buys list?

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CROSS COUNTRY SALE- Special Buys Starts August 3rd - (July 31st For Some)
Aldi Special Buys

Breakfast Best Croissant or Griddlecake Sandwiches $2.99
Breakfast Best Cinnamon Blast Bites $1.99
Appleton Farms Quarter Boneless Sliced Ham $2.99/lb
Kirkwood or Roseland Chicken or Pork Skewers 24 oz $5.99
Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Mega Meat Pizza $3.99
Sundae Shoppe Assorted Twin Pops $1.69
Belmont Coconut Cream or Lemon Meringue Pie $4.99

Grandessa Signature Assorted Baklava $5.99
Choceur Swiss Assortment $1.29
Carlini Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz $3.99
Hebrew National Beef Franks $2.49
Deutsche K├╝che Braunschweiger $1.99
Lunch Mate Black Forest Ham or Turkey $3.29
Nature’s Nectar Summertime Juice Pouches $1.69
Beaujolais $5.99

Aldi Special Buys - Non groceries:
Vanderwall 3-Tier Laundry Cart $8.99
Vanderwall Tabletop Ironing Board $5.99
Vanderwall Clothes Drying Rack $9.99
Vanderwall Two Bushel Laundry Basket $7.49
Vanderwall Touchless Soap Dispenser $14.99
Vanderwall Over-The-Door Towel Rack $7.99
Vanderwall Shower Caddy With Pole $16.99
St. Cloud Shower Curtain $9.99
St. Cloud 2-Piece Chenille Shaggy Bath Rug Set $9.99
St. Cloud Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner $3.99
Freshine Wonder Shammy $2.99
Dentiguard Power Toothbrush With Refills $4.99
Lacura Hydrating Facial Toner $2.49

New Aldi Products

Brand New Items, Brand New Savings.
Loven Fresh Kaiser Buns 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE

Loven Fresh Kaiser Buns Wheat 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE - TASTE GREAT!

All Natural 85/15 Ground Beef Patties 3 lbs $7.99

Reggano Farfalle or Tri-Color Rotini 12 oz $0.89 GOOD PRICE

Fit & Active Turkey Franks $1.29 GOOD PRICE

Little Salad Bar Mustard Potato Salad 32 oz $2.49

Belmong Fat Free Sherbet (Raspberry, orange or lime) 48 oz $1.99 GOOD PRICE

Nature's Nectar All-Natural Lemonade in carafe 59 oz $1.89 GOOD PRICE

Pur Aqua Purified Water 24 x 10 oz $2.49

happy Harvest 3 Bean Salad $0.79

Burman's Barbecue Sauce $0.89

Tuscan Garden Marinade $0.99

Sea Queen Alaskan Salmon Burgers $3.99

Roseland Baby BackPork Ribs $3.49

Baker's Corner Marshmallows $0.99

Little Salad Bar Coleslaw, macaroni or Potato Salad $2.49

Berryhill Ice Cream Topping $1.99 

Infuse Thirst Qeunchers 8 x 20 oz $3.99

Brenner Iced Tea or Nature's Nectar Fruit Punch 64 oz $0.95 GOOD PRICE

Freeze N' Squeeze Freezer Bars Bag 36 x 3 oz bars $2.39

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