Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aldi Milk Prices In Your State?

Aldi's milk prices are some of the lowest in the country, but even Aldi are having price increases. When Aldi first came to South Florida, we paid $1.89 for milk, now we are paying $2.19 for a gallon of milk.

It is still a lot lower than the local competitors though, and our local Publix stores now have 1 gallon of milk for $3.89.

Milk prices is one of those prices that I am always asked about from new and potential Aldi shoppers, but since it varies from region to region I do not have an answer for new Aldi Spot visitors. I was hoping that all of you could help me (and new Aldi readers)

How much do you pay for a gallon of milk at Aldi?
What state are you in?

D.C. (Washington D.C) $3.49
Florida (Orlando area) $2.49
Florida (South) $2.19
Illinois (Southern) $2.39
Illinois (Central) $2.48
Indiana (Kokomo) $2.49
Indiana (Southeastern ) $2.49 - $2.69
Indiana (Valparaiso) $1.99
Iowa (Cedar Rapids) Vitamin D $2.69, 2% or 1% $2.49
Minnesota (twin cities) $2.49
New York (Central) $1.95
Ohio (South Central) $1.99
Ohio (Delaware) $1.79

Texas (Dallas Area) $1.89

I would like to thank all of you for helping me out creating this Aldi milk price list. I realize that the prices changes often, but I think it is great to see how the Aldi milk prices varies across the country.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Found you at the Build My Blog hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).

  2. Minnesota (Twin Cities) $2.49 (but it changes every week)

  3. In Southeastern Indiana we have a couple Aldis we shop at. They are 50 miles apart (25 in either direction from us) and one charges $2.49/gal and the other is $2.69/gal. They both seem to change every week.

  4. It's up to $1.89 in the Dallas area (it was $0.99 all last summer after they opened up).

    It's still cheaper than the grocery stores who have it for $2.49-$2.99.

  5. I paid $1.95 for a gallon of whole milk yesterday (I have little ones who still drink full-fat milk). Like the previous poster said, it is still cheaper than the grocery stores. It was over $2.19 at our local grocery store. Butter is also going up -- sad, because I bake with it a lot.

  6. Oh, I'm in central New York.

  7. Sarah, Amanda, John W, and Laura thank you so much for helping me create an Aldi milk price list.

  8. Please list the price of gallon of milk at aldi northpoint Dundalk Maryland I was there yesterday and it was 1.25 a gallon I am trying to find out how long it will be that price