Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aldi Shopping Trip - Sweet Aldi Strawberries - Saved $13 - Link Up At The Aldi Savings Linky

Aldi groceries
I thought summer would mean I had more time on my hand, but instead of walking back and forth between schools I am finding myself walking back and forth between playgrounds, parks and beaches. It is wonderful to have the freedom, but this morning my oldest son began summer camp, so we will have to adjust a bit. 

I finally got to make a stop at Aldi Monday morning, and we were in desperate need of our Aldi basics. Although we still have OJ and eggs, I picked up extras, as I don't think I will be able to make it to Aldi during the next ad cycle.

I saved $13 by shopping at Aldi compared to buying these products at Publix or Target where I normally shop. While $13 might not sound like much, it is for products that I do did not have coupons for, and cutting $13 off my grocery bill is definitely worth a trip to Aldi.

My Aldi Grocery Shopping Trip

Aldi skim milk $2.19
Instant oatmeal $1.39
Quick Oats $1.99
Tortillas $0.99
Kaiser buns $1.69
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Hot dog buns $0.79
Aldi eggs $1.19
Aldi eggs $1.19
OJ $1.89
OJ $1.89
Seedless watermelon $3.89
Roma tomatoes 20 oz $1.49
4 Nectarines @ $0.25 each = $1
4 Plums @ $0.25 each = $1
4 peaces@ $0.25 each = $1
4.64 lbs of Bananas $2.05
1 lb of strawberries $1.29

Total $29.50
Total saved $13.35 (Compared to Publix and Target where I normally shop)

Check out the Aldi price list for a comparison to other grocery stores.

I would love to hear about your shopping trip.

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