Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BIG Aldi Shopping Trip - Link Up At The Aldi Savings Linky

Last week I skipped Aldi shopping, but this week I went way over budget. Tomorrow morning is the last day of school for my boys, which means I will soon have a very hungry tween on my hands all day long. He can go through our fruit bowl in a day or two, and he is always searching for snacks. I am so thankful that Aldi has great deals on produce, because last year I scrambled trying to keep the fruit bowl full with Publix's prices. 

I also bought plenty of snacks, and I picked up a few products for our upcoming vacation. While I do have a general idea of where we will be heading, I have no idea when. My husband's work makes it difficult to plan, and after years of living with this spontaneous way of vacationing, it seems I have finally gotten used to it.

My Aldi Grocery Shopping:

Seedless watermelon $2.79
2.97 lbs of Bananas $1.32
Plantains 4 for $1
Iceburg lettuce $1.29
Cucumber $0.45
Red Grapes 2 lbs $1.98
Cherries $2.29

Strawberries $1.39
3 x Orange Juice @ $2.89 each = $5.67
Orange juice mini pack $2.69
2 x Instant oatmeal @ $1.39 each = $2.78
 Brown sugar $1.49
Aldi flour $1.78
Paprika $0.99
Cookies $1.49
Sugar Cones $0.99
Chocolate syrup $1.39
Chocolate wafers $1.19
Vegetable chips $1.69
Wavy chips $1.39
2 x Whole Wheat Bread @ $1.29 each = $2.58
Hot dog buns $0.79
Chicken drumsticks $3.95
Chicken tenders $4.41

 Total out of pocket $52.11
Total saved $20

Total savings are calculated compared to the competitor’s lowest prices. See the grocery price comparison list for details.

I would love to hear how you did on your grocery shopping this week?


  1. I've meaning to share ... when I went to Aldi's last weekend, they had a dozen eggs for 89 cents each ... limit 10. Ummm, that surprised me as I thought you were seeing them at $1.29 or so? Just a heads up (441 & Oakland store)

    Jan @

  2. I've noticed variation in stores in the dallas area too. The store I usually shop at had milk $1.89 and eggs for $0.49, but we stopped in one on the way back from my daughters tumbling class and their milk was $1.79, but eggs were $0.99. Not even 10 miles apart.

  3. I have also noticed that when one product goes up in price another one of my favorite might decrease...:)