Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Aldi Ad: New Low Prices Update 6/12

There has been no new Aldi New Prices this week, but the once from last week are still good. I actually picked up two of the products this week, the Benton's Sandwich Creme Cookies, and the Benton's Sugar Wagers.

The Aldi sugar wafers are a hit with the kids, but we have not tried the cookies yet. I did notice that the Dollar Tree actually have a pack of sugar wafers for $1, and they are extremely close to Aldi's, so maybe I'll try to pick those up next time. 

Every week Aldi updates its New Low Prices promotional price cuts, and these are usually in addition to the new Aldi ad.

Aldi's New Low Prices:

Benton's Sugar Wafers $1.19 (Was $1.29)

Benton's Cookies $0.99 (Was $1.09)

Benton's Duplex Sandwich Cremes $1.49 (Was $1.59)

St. Anneliese Liebfraumilch $3.99 (Was $4.49)

Sundae Shoppe Sundae Nut Cones $1.99 (Was $2.49)

Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.99 (Was $2.49)

Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars $1.99 (Was $2.49)

Sundae Shoppe Fudge Bars $1.99 (Was $2.49)

Season's Choice Seasoned French Fries $1.89 (Was $1.99)

Tuscan Garden Salad Dressings $1.29 (Was $1.39)

You can see the Aldi New Low Prices ad here.
You can see your local Aldi Ad here.

Check out the grocery price comparison, to see where you can find the best prices on the grocery staples.

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