Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aldi South Florida Produce Prices Starting Wednesday August 31

This week Aldi has both fruit and vegetables on sale this week. I cannot wait to get to Aldi, because we are completely out of anything green. Check out the new produce prices that Aldi in Florida has this week.

This week's new Aldi produce prices in Florida Starting 8/31
Lettuce $0.59
Strawberries $1.29
Cantaloupe $0.99
Corn 20 oz $0.99

This week the Florida Aldi prices varies, take a look at the Cocoa Aldi produce prices this week:

Aldi Florida: Cocoa, FL 
5 lb baking potatoes $1.89
Mushrooms 8 oz $0.79
Broccoli 16 oz $0.99
Green peppers 3 pk 20 oz $0.99

You can see the Aldi New Low Prices ad here.
You can see your local Aldi Ad here.

Check out the grocery price comparison, to see where you can find the best prices on the grocery staples.

What produce prices are you the most excited about this week? 
What produce would you like to go on sale?

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