Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aldi price Increases: Milk, Eggs and Orange Juice Price Shock!

My family was on vacation last week, so I went to stock up at Aldi today, but I was met with an Aldi price shock. Aldi Milk has increased to $2.49, Aldi eggs has increased to $1.39 (same price as Target), and Aldi orange juice had increased to $1.99. 

All of these products went up $0.10 cents or more in two weeks, which may not sound like much, but when you consider the price increases since January 2011, the picture looks much different.

Aldi Product Jan-11 Aug-11 Price Increase 
Milk $1.99 $2.49 Plus 0.50
Egg $0.69 $1.39 Plus 0.70
Orange Juice 64 oz $1.79 $1.99 Plus $0.20

Have you seen any Aldi price increases lately?


  1. oh, boy ~ if yours' is that much (which is about what ours' have been here in Northern VA all along), I will hate to see our prices now! ugh ...

  2. Momworkdc, it might not seem like a big increase, but it all adds up. I always consider whether a trip to Aldi is worth it in savings, and when we usually buy 4 - 5 Aldi ojs per week, the price increases surely add up.

  3. I'm not surprised. My husband works in I.T. for a major food manufacturer, and the cost of commodities (basic food items like wheat, milk, eggs) has gone up AGAIN. I still save overall when shopping at Aldi, mostly because I don't get distracted by as many impulse purchases as I do when I go to Meijer or Kroger.

  4. Table4Five, I was kind of expecting it as well, but the prices on eggs and milk seems to go up every week, which is not good.

    I use coupons for everything I can, and the rest I pick up at Aldi.

    I always find it funny, how the stores often blame the price increases on the rising fuel costs, but whenever the fuel cost goes down, the prices on our groceries do not.

  5. Ive almost stopped going to aldis I dont want to pay as much as walmart and still have to bag and pay for bags

  6. Our milk is around 2.99 - I wish it was cheaper but this is a great price in Chatt, tn. Also, our eggs have increased since last week 1.19 to 1.39. I also noticed that our blueberries were .99 two weeks ago and yesterday they were 2.49! How in the world do the prices fluctuate that much?

  7. Wow! Do you think it might have something to do with their now growing popularity? Now that they have more shoppers, they feel they can up their prices? Get people used to shopping there and then stick it to em? LOL Seems dumb cause I doubt people will stay. I also wonder if it has anything to do with their recent big hiring boom. In any case, it is making me rethink if it's worth it to bother going there. I didn't realize you also have to bag your own groceries and pay for bags too!!! Do they also carry more specialty milk items like Acidophilus milk, Hood milk, and Almond milk? Those are the only kinds we buy (for medical reasons).

  8. ive noticed price increases too, especially in milk and eggs. Those have been sooo cheap in the dallas area. Last summer (and perhaps as recently as January) our milk was $0.99, eggs $0.49 (and were until a month ago), our sugar was $0.99 and flour $0.49. Now the milk is $1.99, eggs $0.99, flour somewhere over $1.50 and sugar $2.19. Everything has more than doubled in price! I don't think its just at Aldi either, I think it's everywhere sadly! I just got a box of baking mix that was $1.35 a few months ago and it was $1.79 last week. I need to go today and get some milk, but I'm afraid to see the price =(. I still love the store and do not mind bagging my own groceries, as that just means more savings for me (can you imagine the prices if they had to pay more people to do that and to chase carts....)

  9. Ugh, I'm so jealous of the prices you're tossing around on here!! And I'm in IOWA - IOWA, people - lol! I thought milk was cheap at Aldi when it was $2.49/gallon here in May. Then, it was jacked up to $2.79/gallon. As of July, it's $2.92/gallon. We go through a minimum of 1 gallon a day. (I have a million children in my home that don't drink juice.) I'm going to be buying boatloads this week at Walgreen's, since it's cheaper. :(