Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aldi Meat Prices: Aldi Meat Markdowns - $1 - $4 Off Select Meats

Aldi meat prices are not the best around, but today I spotted some Aldi meat markdowns and this surely made the price very competitive. Before I went to Aldi I checked Publix to see the price of their meat, as my freezer was completely meatless. I knew Aldi could beat the prices I saw, and I am very happy that I waited to buy the meat until I got to Aldi.

The Ground Beef had $4 off Markdown Stickers

The Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast had $1 Markdown Stickers

I made sure to pick a pack up off each, and after the discount the ground beef $1.61/lb and the boneless skinless chicken breast $2.06/lb. 

The Aldi meat markdowns vary from store to store, but you should always keep your eye out for the stickers featured above. There was nothing wrong with the quality of any of the meat, in fact it seemed to be in perfect condition. I had everything out to rinse and separate for individual dinners, so I inspected everything I bought today.

If you are in Alabama, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Missisippi make sure to check out the weekly Aldi meat deal.

Did you spot any Aldi meat markdowns lately? What do you think of the Aldi meat prices?

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