Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Experience With Aldi Returns - Easy, Quick and Hassle Free

Today I had my first experience with Aldi returns, as I had to return a previous purchase from my local Aldi Supermarket. I am happy to say that making returns at Aldi is easy, hassle-free and quick. At least this is my experience, and I can of course only speak for my own local South Florida Aldi supermarket.

Two weeks ago I was excited to purchase a new drying rack at Aldi. It was a part of their Special Buys, and I was excited because it was metal and not wood. Unfortunately my excitement soon turned into disappointment, when a piece of the new drying rack broke as I was putting it together.

I brought the box with the drying rack and the receipt with me to my local Aldi supermarket this morning. I simply took the damaged drying rack to an available cashier, and she asked if anything was wrong with the product. Then she called the manager over for approval, and they quickly issued a refund. I had to provide my phone number and sign the receipt, but that was it. The process of Aldi returns took less than 3 minutes, and I could get back to my regular Aldi shopping. 

Have you had any good or bad experiences with Aldi returns?


  1. I actually returned a cantaloupe one time! I got it home and cut into it and it splattered all over my counter because it was rotten. I called and the store was great about it. I got a new melon the next day since it was on my way to work.

  2. Leanne, I am glad to hear that you too had a positive experience. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. I brought back a bag of potatoes once that had molded in two days. The actually gave me my money back *and* another bag of potatoes!

    Then one time I noticed I was double charged for a pack of trash bags. They had me grab another fromt he shelf, and bring it up so they could scan it and void it off, and they issued me a refund with no problems.

  4. I have always wondered about the grocery products and produce Amanda, but it is good to hear that they are good about refunding and returns.