Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aldi Shopping Stocking Up After Vacation - Link Up At The Aldi Savings Linky

My fruitbowl was completely empty, and for the first time in months I could actually see the bottom of the produce drawer. Since I was on family vacation last week, I had not been to Aldi for two weeks and my fridge was definitely showing signs of Aldi withdrawal. This morning, I headed to Aldi early to stock up and my kids were eager to get some fresh fruit in the house again.

I did not buy anything out of the ordinary, and as I stated earlier I was in Aldi price shock, as my favorite Aldi products had all seen Aldi price increases. Because of the price increases, I bought one less orange juice and one less pack of eggs than I had planned too.  I know Kmart has eggs on sale at $0.99 this week, and sometimes I can get the orange juice price down at Publix and Target thanks to coupons.

My Aldi Shopping Trip

4 x orange juice @ $1.99 = $7.96
1 gallon milk $2.49 
Eggs $1.39
Chicken Thighs $2.64 lbs $4.26
Flour $1.79
Instant oatmeal $1.39
Nachos $1.19
2 x black bean cans at $0.55 each = $1.10
Flour tortillas $0.99
Hot dog buns $0.79
Kaiser buns $1.69
2 x Whole Wheat bread @ $1.29 each = $2.58
4 x Plums @ $0.35 each = $1.40
Bananas 2.64 lbs $1.16
Yellow Onions 3 lbs $1.89
Cucumber $0.50
Lettuce $1.19
Red Onions 2 lbs $1.39
Red Grapes 2 lbs $1.99
Roma tomatoes 20 oz $1.39
Watermelon $3.69

Total out of pocket $43.52
Total saved $17
Savings based on prices at other local stores (see Aldi price list comparison for details).

I would love to hear about your grocery savings...

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  1. That was a non-Aldi trip with even greater savings! =D I have food now! LOL.